About Time - Gary Newman Back in the Spotlight with Superb Retro Video

Logan Owlbeemoth's video for this song by Numan features effects by artist/musician Omebi Velouria. Superbly, this video comes with an explanation of how it was made, the nod to the Numan's roots in the analogue age: it was made with a Tachyons + video glitch synth effected live via a HI-8 camera and a CRT television "to create triply, blurry, VHS-style images of Gary Numan as he sings the song." No computer-based post-production was used at all. Fab!
Numan's recent-ish album - his 17th studio album -, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) released worldwide in October 2013. It was his first album to reach UK Top 20, since the early 1980s. Numan announced that there will be a special one-off live show in London in his birthplace of Hammersmith, November 2014 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Where has been all this time? In USA with his family, he married a member of his fan club from Sidcup and they named their seocnd daughter Persia. Sounds right! If you're only a teenager now or not from UK you might not have heard of him, he was really just a shy kid with a lot of spots who became known for wearing a lot of white makeup (only administered to cover said spots apparently) and for the excellent song and what was to become his trademark almost robotic performance below - ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC?

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