Footprints in Your Milk - This Week's Free Lab Radio

Time to clean our ears!

A taste of the latest free releases and experimental tracks for the discerning listener. Featured are GTA Hoffman, Sophia Mitiku, Nostalgia 77, Mohamad Azimi, Nostalgia 77, [XRS] (Xerxes de Oliveira) Chinawoman and Natural Self. If there's time, we've a classic to spin.

Thanks to then to these artists for the free and more importantly worthwhile, music.

 Each Free Lab Radio is comprised of hours of listening and surfing, plus plenty of silence; all the tracks we don't play. What ends up being selected has a supranormal quality, either related to interpretive dance or sonic merits that are over and above average. Always. Brand music, commercialism kills art.

 Broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4FM across London and online otherwise. The repeat is Thurs 2am.
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