Free Lab Radio Podcast - Booman vs. Iraq

Is there a place where naive fine art and home studio production meet...?

Tonight we sample an entire album by Bambooman, UK who has his latest release 'Dulcet' on Sonic Router. As a tangent, we end with two Iraqi folk songs to mark the first ever UK exhibition of Welcome to Iraq, the Iraq Pavillion contribution to the last Venice Biennial. It is the first ever show at Venice to feature artists from inside Iraq since 1976.

The work in Welcome to Iraq, currently on show at South London Gallery, is mostly all made from found objects and materials, as formal art education in Iraq still has not recovered since the foreign invasion and artists are generally self taught. From cardboard to recycled tires the sculptures are effectively parallel to the sampling and re-appropriated field recordings of young Bambooman.  Like these Iraqi artists Bambooman uses a colloquial audio palette to create some of the most interesting beats we've heard in a while.

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