This Week's Free Lab Radio - Bedroom Research

When producers and musicians make music that's released for free, there's a freedom in that. There's not the same kind of pressure, no contract to be beholden to; creativity is at the centre of the project.

So when we found Bedroom Research, a small label in the south of France releasing what it called "twisted electronica" we were elated by the level of creativity, the anarchic innovation and the high standard of production and artwork. 

Amongst the many digital producers is one singer, we took some of the best tracks for a mix tonight on Free Lab Radio, but of course there are many more, listed below, than we could squeeze in this hour.

Broadcasts Times: 

On air on 104.4FM across London, online and on digital.

Saturdays 11-midnight UK time, (2-3am GST Gulf Standard Time)
Repeats Tuesday 4am UK time (7am GST)
On digital across Brighton and online: 
The following Friday 19:30-20:30 UK time (10:30-11.30pm GST) on Resonance Extra

Subjex, Deework, Tep, Thiaz Itch, MonsterX, Himuro, Hosmoz, Professor Ojo, Polyklinik, Poborsk, Deef and Anne, Digi G'Alessio, Protman, Valance Drakes, C_C, Kappah, Qebrus, Michael Valentine West, Clytem Scanning, Defunkt Dialekt, Bobby Kebab, Manni Dee, Fletch, Moxx, Genjini, Czarnecki, Yogo Onomotobok, 64Chaos, Dziski, Orange Zebre, Piratio, DAB, Charlie Vicetto

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