This Week's Free Lab Radio - Muqata'a مُقاطعَة (Boycott), Palestine

This week's Free Lab Radio features a bespoke mix by Palestine/ USA-based music producer and performer Muqata'a (translates as Boycott). Muqata'a used to be part of Ramallah Underground until he began working solo on at first hip hop and now a more blended mix of hip hop and experimental electronica.

Hear his latest dark electronica track here, below.

We've featured Muqata'a in the past and last November 2015 we travelled to Abu Dhabi's Noise of the Middle East festival where we played the same stage. With a modest array of sound manipulating gear, Muqata'a had the audience swaying to his mesmeric, unhurried sounds, sat on Persian carpets before the stage.

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