Christmas songs that don't make you ill.....

Sat 4th Dec 2010

I guess I'll be researching some Christmas tunes worth hearing. For all of you exposed on a regular basis to shops and commercial radio playlists, this'll be a little shake up. Send in your favourite little-known tune...

100 Club Special....

Music from the history of, and future of The 100 Club.

Threatened with closure the lovers of this iconic club fight back, despite a generally flaccid response from major musicians whose careers were formed there over the years....

I'll be looking for some interesting remixes and covers too. Meanwhile if you want to support click the image and find out what's on...and GO!

Tonight live: Chas (and Dave), and Roddy Radiation (The Specials) and his Skabilly Rebels.


I though it was just me tonight, but we are in fact doing a 48 hour live broadcast from the streets of Glasgow! Actor Tam Dean Burn is walking around giving the world most likely it's longest monologue/recitation/rant.

So, check back next Sat night we'll be playing this out then.

Down here in the UK capital, the wind's a bit political...check the picture on the right, Captain Ska is track of the week hands down.

Following on form last week's Halloween theme we are present a performance of Nick Collin's early 1980's piece The Devil's Music from midnight to 1am.

The piece has been brought up to date and this version uses mac versions of the same software.

From 11-midnight we'll be hearing even more obscure 'Billy sounds from Fari B.

All Hallows Even

At midnight is it 1am again? So we are playing over ourselves in time....

Free Lab Radio enjoys a werewolf surf and 'billy set leading up to midnight, will be dancing on each other's graves?

Free Lab Radio also brings in All Hallows Day with a live set of improvised sonic art by Oscillatorial Binnage. The group tune in to the stratospheric feedback of unsettled vibrations in an attempt to sooth them before the dawning of the day, using hand built circuits, tailor made electronics and intuitive toys....

If you want to see my chosen video for this Halloween, check my blog

Meanwhile, let us know what you been doing tonight - and did you bake any soul cakes for the soulers tonight?

Black Disco and Detroit Contortionisms...

Dance dance dance, we'll go on until 1am keep it tuned, let us know where you are and what you're doing while you listen. This week on Free Lab Radio there's no sound art, however the dances that riginally were done to some of these tunes deserve to be an a gallery! Thanks to Model 88 for their inspiration. Model 88 is a collaboration between Berlin based artist Mella Ojeda, and London based artist Lucie Red.

Thanks also to Love Fingers and Dj Slingshot for some of tonight's totally zapimonious danceworthy content....

Uprise Festival and Jellyfish Theatre Performance

On this day the 2nd of October, in London town on the banks for the river Thames, we, the band Oscillatorial Binnage will endeavour to process sounds both acoustic and electronic into the perfect fusion of avant gard and ancient Indian ragaa. An ongoing project by the band.

Basically we prepare for tomorrow's live performance at the pop-up theatre in London Bridge, one more week until this AMAZING structure is torn down.

Two Resonance Radio Orchestra pieces, one by Chris Weaver - called Utility Frequency and another by Fari Bradley - called EQ (Emotional Quotient) based on the Persian Book of Kings will be on the same bill.

In the first hour, capping Sat night Fari B will be playing some of the tracks from her set at the famous anti-racism festival Uprise (formerly Respect) tomorrow at Finsbury Park. This event is a huge testimony to the determination of the London community, the most diverse city in the UK, possibly in Europe. We are one of the most integrated cities and as such we know best if we need an anti-racism festival. Boris, sitting in his drawing room, and his hurried advisors, are not. Basically, Londoners are paying it for themselves.

Sat, 25 September, 23:00 – Sun, 26 September, 23.00-01:00

Tonight's broadcast is on the theme of meditation, Indian ragaas are transformed with electronics and processors. A recording of a pre concert warm up, for the festival of Navaratri, the idea of this is the forcing of the electronic tonalities into the frequency domain of classical Indian ragaas. The main programming behind this piece is by award winning sonic artist Dan Wilson, concept and harmonium and voice by Fari Bradley.
In the second half of the show we have an interview with Dj Sniff, artistic director of Steim, the electronic music institute based in Holland, that's followed by a live performance by Chris Weaver recorded last year at the Noise=Noise event in the Foundry. More information on Steim and Dj Sniff can be found at and

Free Lab Radio is an audio experiment from one week to the next - dance, speech, live broadcasts on location and in the studio - Free Lab Radio takes you places from the comfort of your living room chair. web:

Index on Censorship Special

To mark the launch of their new music issue,"Smashed Hits 2.0" Index have published a compilation of songs recommended by this issue's contributors.

You can preview and buy the compilation HERE. 'SMASHED HITS 2.0 - music under pressure'-- a selection of songs from Index writers.

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood, Kurdish novelist Kaya Genç, Will Self and Femi Kuti are among the contributors to this special issue of Index on Censorship magazine, published on 8 September.

To celebrate the launch, Free Lab Radio delves into protest music and music from countries where censorship is common.

The second half of the show brings on Sunday with an experimental piece of processed radio sent through hand built equipment. Next week features an interview with DJ Sniff about his new album by Chris Weaver.

Free Lab Radio is an audio experiment from one week to the next - dance, speech, live broadcasts on location and in the studio - taking you places from the comfort of your living room chair.

Sat 4th Sept - Radical Sound Practises

This week's Free Lab Radio wind down session is a live performance by Oscillatorial Binnage based at the abandoned factory space Woodmill, Southwark a large scale architectural performance utilising multiple speaker microphone arrays.

Building up to midnight is Fari B with a set based on the sonic conclusions of this year's summer.

Exit Festival Special - Podcast

Here we go with our look at what was on at the transglobal festival embedded in an ancient fortress on the banks of the river Danube, in Serbia's 2nd largest town Novi Sad. Exit Festival, check it out. We also hear from one of the festival organisers about Exit's unique NGO status.

We hear music from Bosnia, Romania, Chile, Cuba, Portugal and more....

Tonight's Free Lab Radio brings you two sets, a dance and experimental beats orientated set from Fari B, introducing a premier from a new EP by Tanya Auclair - Thrum (pictured) left.

Sounds from Chile, USA, UK, Germany and Croatia.

The second half of the show is Christopher Weaver's free long form electronica set, beginning with David Tudor's "Pulsers" 1976.

Exit Special and Chris Weaver Solo

Following on from our visit to Serbia, Free Lab Radio brings you a mix from the best artists that played the Exit festival 2010. We also hear from one of the organisers about the festival's unique NGO status and how it all started.

Christopher Weaver brings more solo sultronics to the airwaves, as he contemplates the empty space of Sunday morning after the arc of Fari B's dance orientated Sat night set.

Look out for Fari at the London Mela on 8th August 2010 in Gunnersbury Park where she is once again commissioned for a mela-special composition with tabla and VJ.

EXIT - Serbia! Plus a huge version of Variation For Room Tones and Speakers....

Fari B is leaving for a DJ set at Exit Festival, Serbia to play Iranian 1970s funk disco. We celebrate with a premidnight foray into ethno electro, a genre Fari regales in (and has probably pioneered - check it)


A bigger, better version of our broadcast after midnight on the first ever Free Lab Radio show - the rooms at Resonance104.4FM begin to resonate and give off the right frequencies to make your slipping into Sunday a harmonious and pleasant trip, as Oscillatorial Binnage reveal the sonic scale of each room live on air.

Saturday Night - June 26th

Late Sat night we'll be throwing out some recreational sounds for you to enjoy, from 11pm there'll be music to move to by Fari Bradley, followed by a more contemplative live radio piece by Christopher J Weaver, as he turns the entire studio venue and its various rooms into a series of sonic instruments....

Free Lab Radio Launch

Free Lab Radio is coming to you across the radio frequencies on 104.4FM every Saturday night from 11.00 to 1 am.