Afro-Psyche-Hop. NATIVE SUN with LEGACY

The seed of Sun Ra...."I painted mantras on your mental canvas..."

Music Lift? The Campaign Against Living Miserably

  A benefit gig for supporters of adults with depression, these bands hit the Scala, King's X,  Friday 31st August 2012. The gig, named Man Down is in support of CALM (

Live music:
Who are they?  Well Two Wounded Birds's self-titled debut album released in June to great critical accalim. Music mag giants NME Magazine gave the album 8/10, and Q Magazine gave it 4/5. Could they be right? Check it out and join an invariably empathetic crowd.

Tickets: £15 in advance from Ticketweb All proceeds go straight to CALM to support their work and services in London. The event will help push CALM one step closer to expanding its 4 day helpline to 7 days. CALM is a registered charity no 1110621.

Today's Supernatural and Centipede Hz

If you like this oddball, circus-psych can stream the Animal Collective's whole new album from Domino Records: Centipede Hz HERE

Centipede Hz Tracklist:
01. Moonjock
02. Today’s Supernatural
03. Rosie Oh
04. Applesauce
05. Wide Eyed
06. Father Time
07. New Town Burnout
08. Monkey Riches
09. Mercury Man
10. Pulleys
11. Amanita

MP3 Ping Pong - Sat 18th Radio Show

11pm-midnight on 104.4FM,

Graphic designer to clubs and musicians Ali Augur visits the studio with his playlist. Free Lab Radio responds with several tracks left of that, while we interview Ali on his work and associations.

From fund raising exhibitions in art galleries to club night flyers Ali's work has a strong social leaning. On top of that his long history of designing has some proper names to drop in it!

Highlight: when Ali spots the graphic design for an MP3 on our Ipod, and we Crank It Up, revealing how particular to his taste our playlist has been, compared to "other stuff" we play out.

This Saturday's Show - FauN

 Saturday night 11pm-midnight on ResonanceFM, Cairo-Berlin based FauN plays an hour's mix he's called: Lucid Dreams, which is a blend of various forms of psychotronica.

FauN is a Dj and Organisor based in Berlin and Cairo. As Founder of the "Exodus Project", which is based in Cairo, he tries to combine political work with culture and art.
FauN works together with the Dub Der Guten Hoffnung Crew on the very special dubstep night in Berlin, which takes part @ Subland ones in a month

Gotye coming to UK

One of the 'closest' male voices of today, check the India Aussie's UK dates HERE
The tour begins August 2012 in Korea before winding through Japan, North America, Europe, the Middle East and finishing in Australia in December 2012.