This Week's Free Lab Radio - 356 Days of Static

Is 2016 over yet? No.
Best dance it out then.

This week a haunting mix of sounds new, classic and little heard. Great tracks! From hip hop Shakespeare to the best remix of Psychokiller you've likelyever heard.

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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Waiting for First Contact

This week's - Sound Art Dance Music Radio - show is mixed by the show's producer Fari B.

Fari mixes new releases from Degreelessness & Prurient, Romare, the Hot 8 Brass Band, Mieux, DSM from Iran, Sun Glitters ft. Makimakkuk, CrossFire, Son Palenque, Acid Arab, Lakuta, Harleighblu and Starkiller. Plus classics from David Fenech, Orionza, Hiba Mansouri, Sun Glitters & Makimakkuk and Sarathy Korwar.

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Repeats Tuesdays 4am on Resonance104.4FM

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This Week's Free Lab Radio - Klankman, The Hague

Klankman from The Hague in the Netherlands, posts mixes under the series title Radioblog. This recent mix on vinyl, is what he calls "his twisted take on electronic music, with a punk attitude".

While based in Den Haag, Klankman (Maarten Epskamp) has been influenced by the sounds of original west coast acid, as well the gritty techno that characterises the Netherlands club scene. Since 2014 Klankman's been playing live hardware sets performing at clubs and festivals such as Incubate, Rewire, Strobe, Studio 80, Griessmühle and ://Aboout Blank.

Klankman's love for vinyl records brings together oldskool acidic techno with the latest low-fi house and dark electro productions.

Recently Klankman released his own productions on Details Sound, Tar Hallow and Bunker Records.


1. Syquest - Synapse (Synewave)
2. Inter Gritty - Sheep In Wolf's Clothes (Deepmoves)
3. Unit Moebius - Spoetnik (Atlantikwall)
4. Roger 23 - Physical Structure Contact ( Bio Rhythm)
5. Villa Abo - Water Galaxy (B orft)
6. Huburtus Kranz - Disturbe No A2 (Fracture)
7. Salo Mentale - SD 32 B3 (Syncom Data)
8. Paling Trax 2 B1
9. Andeh Lang - WNKB-CW B1 - (Will & Ink)
10. Inter Gritty - Mugdrum ( Deepmoves)
11. Roger 23 - TB Love (Bio Rhythm)
12. Kord & Nebula - Dub Off (Borft)
13. Villa Abo - Madrid (Borft)
14. Oliver Kapp - Magnolia A2 ( Theory)
15. Dimi Angelis - Green Aviation (Mord)
16. Paling Trax 1 A1
17. Samuli Kemppi - Posthuman (Nonplus)
18. Regal - Impulsive Feelings (Involve)
19. Smuli Kemppi - Engineer Of Souls (Nonplus)
20. Faster Action - Disaster Crash (L.I.E.S. Black)
21. Jerome Hill - Drumwar (Swords)
22. Chino - Paper Rider (Holger)
23. A Hand - Negative Connection (Details Sound)
24. Unit Moebius - Kuiken II A1 - (Bunker)

Saturday Nov 5th 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

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Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, on digital radio signal and online in Brighton.

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Free Lab Radio Podcast - Laurie Anderson and Nils Frahm

In the above podcast, we listen to the music of Nils Frahm and Laurie Anderson to mark the Sadler's Wells re-creation of Set and Reset/Reset, 1983 by the Candoco Dance Company. Candoco dance who include fully-abled and different bodied dancers, restage this landmark contemporary piece called Set and Reset by abstract, improvising choreographer Trisha Brown. This ground-breaking production is performed to a contagious score by renowned multi-media artist Laurie Anderson. Long Time no See originally performed with Richard Landry. Set, costumes and part of the lighting were also by artist Robert Rauschenberg.

This is accompanied by a series of dances set to existing tracks by German producer Nils Frahm.

The Set and Reset/Reset project examines the shifting nature of choreography in relation to underlying structures that anchor a dance to itself. The process of re-construction (as opposed to replication) is a negotiation between freedom and limit – an exploration of possibility as the dancers create a new version of Trisha Brown’s landmark choreography.

Abigail Yager danced with Trisha Brown and her company 1995–2002, while she was also Trisha Brown’s musical assistant. As a reconstructor of Brown’s choreography, Yager has worked with Candoco (London, England), Lyon Opera Ballet (Lyon, France), at La Monnaie National Opera of Belgium (Brussels, Belgium), Le Festival International d’Art Lyrique (Aix-en-Provence, France).

Yager taught the Candoco Dance Company dancers exact sequences from the original choreography and later guided them in an extensive improvisation process whereby they used the same set of instructions that Brown gave to her Company in 1983: keep it simple, act on instinct, stay on the edge, work with visibility and invisibility, and get in line. Set and Reset/Reset is a combination of the 2011 and the current company’s choreography.

Free Lab Radio Podcast - Pimpology Guest Mix

This week's Free Lab Radio mix is from Beat Pimp, otherwise known as Mark from Sunderland, UK. What a wonderful duality.

An avid selector, Mark uploads a series of mixes decidedly retro 80s sounds especially the vocals and drum beats, laid over with new millennium digital sounds - the grit of dub-step interrupted by a quick scratch on the record decks, off-laid with real dub sounds.

"Taking out, pushing back and bringing up the funk! My aim is, Not to please others. Not world domination, or fame & fortune etc. But to reach good ears."

Often you'll hear a northern accent in the lyrics. Being from Sunderland, of course Mark might be drawn to these kind of sounds, fair play.

Free Lab Radio Podcasts - Mutant Jukebox

Iran-born Londoner Shervin Shaeri began his career writing music to picture for artists, directors, and photographers.

Now as creative director of the creative audio agency Mutant Jukebox, specialising in bespoke music composition, he DJs a guest mix for us here on Free Lab Radio.

 "On being asked to create my first ever mix for Free Lab Radio I instantly felt a little tinge of nostalgia. In the early days of the station - which at that time resided in a tiny studio in Londons tin pan ally - where I applied for a volunteering program through uni, and was kindly taken on by the team. With a some experience in engineering and audio tech I quickly was able to help out. For me, a time of discovery. My interest in experimental music started a couple of years earlier with a visit from a cousin of mine and her husband who lived out in LA. I clearly remember the day that I felt my 'sonic awareness' open up. Both had gone off for a couple of days and left me with a file of cds, and so i dived in. With hindsight it was a turning point, so the selection is a nod to that time featuring tracks by Alvo Noto and Ryoji Ikeda of Raster-Noton, Warp artists such as Boards of Canada and Plaid and Skam artists such as Bola and Quinoline Yellow."

Track List:
1. Even Spring - Plaid
2. Nothing Happens In June - Ulrich Schnauss
3. Sphere - Funckarma
4. Tank - Shuttle 358
5. In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country - Boards of Canada
6. Mapa - Murcof
7. Plotreturn - Quinoline Yellow
8. Bitstream (Arovane Mix) - Phonem
9. Mdrmx - Brothomstates
10. u_08 - Alvo Noto
11. data_microhelix - Ryoji Ikeda
12. Magnasushi - Bola
13. Talgarth - Quinoline Yellow
14. Monday - Paracetamol - Ulrich Schnauss
15. Between Us and Them - Ulrich Schnauss

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Let's Have the Windows Open

In Fari B's mix of new releases this week, is a haunting protest piece by Norwich based Birds of Hell, with whom there's been some correspondence at Free Lab Radio:

"I've decided to name the whole show after you track. 
Did you hear Zizek has endorsed the change Trump would bring? I'm freaked. I hate the system; Hilary is evil, Washington which she represents is evil...the system of uncapped lobby spending is evil///. Trump could devastate USA in terms of climate change and reverse progress made towards a tolerant society even further than his stupid antics already have. What to do? If the Americans won't wake up and demand, en masse, reform of their system, we can only -
Make a rave! With the windows open!
Make more music!"

The text and music for this opening and titular track on Free Lab Radio, is by Birds of Hell - who is a chap called Pete Murdoch - wearing the Trump mask too in the below video which only serves to sharpen the dark isolation the track conjures as we face powerlessly, a personal game play by people with the world in their hands.

Also featured this week are Pussy Riot's new protest track against Trump: Straight Outta Vagina (this rocked a recent DJ set we did in East Germany for Radio Revolten) plus new electronic bombasticism by TikandBorrow (released by InFlux Audio also Yorkshire based - is a theme developing here), Peggy Gou, Pional, Mieux, Chrome Sparks, Aaron Jackson Ft. Megan Hamilton, Romare, Jay Daniel, Bopol Mansiamina and Justo Valdez de Son Palenque and Illum Sphere.

Saturday Nov 5th 11-midnight on 104.4fm, digital and online from London.

Repeats Tuesday 4am on Resonance104.4FM

Last chance to hear, the following Saturday midnight-1am on Resonance Extra, on digital radio signal and online in Brighton.

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Trump this Horror Show - New Release by Birds of Hell

Norwich-based Birds of Hell's lyrics are an expulsion of desperate anger, in a world where click-bait is juxtaposed with horror stories and 'stupid questions asked to the internet'.
"Played live, Let's Have The Windows Open digresses into semi-improvised lyrics and over the last few months Donald Trump has been the focus of these ad-libs."