Humane Animal Torture for "Natural Thing"

Genius, everyone loves watching this kind of video. But after the initial fun, what remains? The indelible truth that - put in a confined space with no details - all the animals chased the light in a uniformly concentrated manner. When the light goes out at the end, what does the behavioural pattern tell us?

Nobody Beats The Drum - Natural Thing from johan rijpma on Vimeo.

PODCAST - 'My White Canadian Arse'

Our first and last flirtation with a compilation!  
Highlights: newcomer Shoeb Ahmad, Dunjinz, Nina Hagen, more Amirali, trollstep, tracks like 'Book of the Monkey' by saint of the copy-free: Dan-O plus other wavy grooves and a last rude flip of the tail at the end from Skrypnyk.... find us on Facebook

The Blind Owl - Strange House

Not just the name, but this vintage blues album cover above, and the particular, slightly animalistic song by the band, reminds me of the dark, anomalous and twisted Iranian novel The Bind Owl, by Sadeq Hedayat. This seminal novel looks at obsession, madness, despair and changed the vocabulary, if you like, of Iranian literature at the time.

Aside from the obvious feel of The Doors (proto-motoric drums, dreamy guitar riffs) there's the wild-cat vocals that call to mind the sophisticatedly ferine artist Marcus Coates who performed a shamanic ritual with the prog-disco Band Chrome Hoof. Hear extracts of his live ritual and my very frank interview on Resonance104.4FM with him HERE:

Page Jamming

The new craze called page jamming as referenced here.
Here's a "How to" for you: two to watch and hear together.
Check the audio, by MSTRKRFT
And launch the fine Fantastic Planet, for those entrancingly delicate 1973 visuals:

Skuzz Afrikaans - 'Baby's On Fire'

They made famous the term 'zef' (Afrikaans for skuzz, or 'common but cool'), and recently asked for support when quitting their label Interscope Records to go indie. This rather unforgettable video from the new album by Die Antewoord (The Answer), is less dark than their usual output, and features an extended intro. The artistic direction flirts unashamedly with the prevalent trend for women to look underage, while the storyline playfully documents the near-uncontrollable nature of adolescent passion (sic my 17 years old sister).
Yo-Landi Vi$$er has always looked like this, but the exaggerated references in this video are undeniable. Part of the video's success is also down to the gorgeous actors they've employed as Yo-Landi's would-be suitors, plus the car/bike stunts and the fashion - something Die Antewoord has been consistent with.

Free Lab Radio Tonight - BBC3's Robert Worby

Worby interviewing Steve Reich
Composer and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Robert Worby in the studio discussing his methods, influences and the forthcoming John Cage centenary.

From reel tape to keyboards to field recordings, features on sound art history, and even  directing the Sonic Arts Network while holding down his day job on BBC 3's Hear and Now - Worby's life is steeped in audio.

In the 70s he was a member of several post-punk bands and The Mekonse performed on 2 John Peel sessions and in 1989, was invited to work with John Cage at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Iranian Electronica and What Not...

"One Hell of a Work of Art" - Sound of Noise

Trouble Sleeping

Every single night
I endure the flight
Of little wings of white-flamed
Butterflies in my brain.

These ideas of mine
Percolate the mind
Trickle down the spine
Swarm the belly, swelling to a blaze—
That’s when the pain comes in,
Like a second skeleton,
Trying to fit beneath the skin I can’t fit the feelings in
Every single night’s a fight
With my brain

Songs for the Morning

You thought you knew him but you don't, Gnarls Barkley, once predicted by a few as a one-hit-wonder has been prolific in proving the murmurers wrong since. This song, worthy of Nina herself, breaks through the morning with it's compassionate lyrics and vocals and its persistent rhythm. Live, Barkley's performed this at a much slower tempo, but the faster version contains that element of hope we love.

Fringe Dubstep

RUSKO ‘BIGGEST CHOPPER’ (WHITE LABEL, 2008) [12" Unofficicial Vinyl Release - POLICECHOPPER001]

A tale of faith, suspicion and flying saucers set to Kaspar Hauser

A film that single-handedly invents the techno western genre, The Legend of Kaspar Hauser reimagines the nineteenth century man who seemingly had no past as an androgynous woman washing up on a Mediterranean island, and starting a war between the Sheriff and the Pusher, both played by Vincent Gallo.

Kaspar Hauser, a nineteenth century man who seemingly appeared from nowhere claiming to have had no previous contact with society, is reimagined by director Davide Manuli as an androgynous woman washing up on a Mediterranean island, and starting a war between the Sheriff and the Pusher, both played by Vincent Gallo

A tale of faith, suspicion and flying saucers set to the thudding beats of techno behemoth Vitalic, Kaspar Hauser is the sort of astonishing experience modern cinema rarely manages, a Techno Western in a world of its own.
Screening 9pm, Friday 6th July, Hackney Picturehouse

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser from East End Film Festival on Vimeo.