Sampling tracks from our forthcoming live set launching Share Beirut at the Radio Beirut Cafe.


For a longer set we steam live from 7-9pm BST (9-11pm local time) Fri 5th Oct. on Radio Beirut.

As usual tonight's is an eclectic set, with Middle Eastern references and parallels. There's also some Grim Skunk, Delta 5 and other joys in there.

By the way...did you know that everyone in Lebanon has a cat?

K POP - K is not for Ketamine!

This is old already, but the broadsheets have just discovered it, so we're posting it for you here in case you've missed it. K Pop puts Korea on our minds and lips...we're so shallow!
The videos are always enthralling in a kind of tacky way, yet this one actually has musical merit...drag-multiple-personality-Gaga on ketamine speaks in tongues?
Of course the silent politics is the best bit, not because we're sensationalists, but because it's actually enlivening to see people saying what needs be said for once.


Totally un-PC: Coolie Dance Riddim Mix

Jamaica creatives react to the news too, you know.

Speak Easty

Cassius leads the way with his more bombastic modes of musical expression.  Soon we go East....wanting and yearning with Feeling for You....tonight's show has urban Middle Eastern flavours.

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

One half of Hull-based duo 'The Cutler' (Steve Cobby) converses as a disembodied computer-generated voice with us about their latest brilliantly titled album 'The Best Things in Life Aren't Things'. We break into the chat with tracks from the new album and even throw in a track from their first (and only other) album. We loved them at first for their variety and quality of music, but now we love them for their philosophy and humour to boot.

Tonight's Show - Fun with 'The Cutler'

On the release of their new and only second album The Best Things in Life Aren't Things, we interview and sample the Hull based duo The Cutler. Tracks are from both of their two album releases, which are five years apart.

To understand why, catch the interview on UK's art-music radio station tonight...

From 11pm on 104.4FM

Where Have all the 00s Giants Gone?

The bands that made musical history either side of the turn of the century have seemingly receded behind the clamouring mass of home-based music production since the computer became a household object in around 2005.
So where have they been, those bands that you once loved and more importantly what have they been making? Telegraph published the top 100 songs that define the noughties, just at the end of the decade while NME decided to look at the best 100 albums for that period even as listening to entire album became less an dless the norm .
Many have developed a doleful, more minimal sound, perhaps as a backlash against the aforementioned clamour. None more so than Massive Attack who's 5th album Heligoland of 2010 certified Gold in the UK, which retains their original sound, with less flourish and freer form. This track, Girl I Love You, is my favourite. It features some kooky cymbal action almost in the foreground which later descends into an almost avant garde dissonant wind section towards the end. Lovely.