December's Mix - Stockhausen & Elcectic Electro

Tonight Ed Bigland from Auracle Sound plays out an hour's mix of world electro with a festive strain. Bangers and mash!

Beyond that into the morning, we'll be heating Stockhausen's early works, much like the trippy video above.

Ceephax Acid Crew, Free Lab Radio DJ Set

It was worth waiting for! After battling London traffic Ceephax arrived in his sheik-mobile to play tunes from his album United Acid Emirates, plus a selection of tunes he just loves to play. There's a 30 minute prelude here while we wait....

Do Not Fear the Paper Tiger....

Launching December with a live session in the studio, Free Lab Radio brings you a piece of the minds behind Paper Tiger. An emerging 8 piece band from Leeds, they perform live dance music in a riotous yet sumptuous assemblage featuring saxophone, electronics and skanking vocals.

After their gig at the newly opened Floripa in Old Street with Wah Wah 45s, they brought a lap top, pedal, fader box and midi pad down to our radio station.

This Resonancefm live studio session includes an interview with Greg Surmacz (previously of Czar Muggers and Gentleman's Dub Club, check out his intriguing sax looping session here) and lyricist Raphael Attar with Fari B.

For the midnight-1am slot watch this space, Chris Weaver is brewing a live performance of his own to launch into the cold hours of a Sunday dawn with.

Something of the Noseybonk About This

From a very creepy kids programme:

To a very poppy track and as usual, engaging video from FF - remember Noseybonk?

Mashed in Plastic

A new find for me, not too long after starting to listen to David Lynch's unnerving music and recording my clarinet on a remix by Haitus, (for which I imagined the well-pressed leg of his wool trouser suit) the debut album Crazy Clown Time by Lynch hits the streets - his face staring challengingly at us from larger-than-life posters all over the London underground.

And so to find a double album on the Mashed in Plastic website is a triple whammy of Lynchness for 2011, people are playing with his work and themes all the time and 1086 Productions have collated but a few.

Actually the aptly named Mashed in Plastic crew and their network are playing with all sorts of delicate female vocals and imagery you might enjoy. Colatron are one of those associates and the video work comes from just as aptly named collectives such as The Reborn Identity

Enjoy, don't get freaked out though.


The Middle East and Dungeon Humour

It's time to touch the wound. This Saturday 12th November we go Middle East and under.

Saturday Night Live - The Sultan of The United Acid Emirates

Some things, it is said, can only be known by witnessing them.

If this is said about you in the field of music, this counts as a huge compliment. And so it is with Ceephax Acid Crew, who recently released United Acid Emirates and has wowed audiences for the past 15 years with his analogue keyboard blockbuilding live sets and cockney demands for sustenance (beer) over the PA.

Expect early electronic and analogue mayhem.

Electronic Turkey, Midi Metal + Daphne Oram Industrial Reels - October 1st. 11

We'll be sampling tuns from remote mountains in Canada, tunes penned in Argentina, London, L.A and so on. Celebrating the ochres of Autumn and the not necessarily foreboding dark nights ahead, there's a veritable box of chocolates in there (sic SBTRKT).

From 1am Chris Weaver plays out industrial reels from Daphne Oram, her demo pieces to show the potential of her groundbreaking system.

Fishtailing Tonight Between Prevailing Analogue Revival and Rare Psych

Tonight Ruth White sets her synths to this Baudelaire poem (back in '69, but once again on the show):

Evening Harmony

The season is at hand when swaying on its stem
Every flower exhales perfume like a censer;
Sounds and perfumes turn in the evening air;
Melancholy waltz and languid vertigo!

Every flower exhales perfume like a censer;
The violin quivers like a tormented heart;
Melancholy waltz and languid vertigo!
The Sky is sad and beautiful like an immense altar.

The violin quivers like a tormented heart,
A tender heart, that hates the vast, black void!
The sky is sad and beautiful like an immense altar;
The sun has drowned in his blood which congeals...

A tender heart that hates the vast, black void
Gathers up every shred of the luminous past!
The sun has drowned in his blood which congeals...
Your memory in me glitters like a monstrance!

— W. Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)

A Modern Old School

A night of modern old-sounding dance music to celebrate the debut London performance of VHS Head on 10th September. A lot of the show will sound like: "why-don't-you-turn-off-the-radio-and-go-out-to-hear-this-live-instead".

live sets at the launch of brand new night XENOGLOSSY on Saturday,
September 10, at the Shacklewell Arms, Dalston. Xenoglossy
'aims to explore the mind-meltingly colourful area between various
forms of modern-day electronic music-making'.

Ceephax Acid Crew with their disgracefully hedonistic approach to analogue acid rave are joined by VHS Head for his first London performance. VHS Head sounds like an 80s keyboard with the frog in it's throat playing for the soundtrack to the Twilight Zone. We love him, hopefully after the show, you will too.

Radio Legend, We Are Excited

Remember having the radio at the side of the bed at 4am, you'd just got back home, couldn't sleep due to the thrill of being alive, awake with the dawn chorus and listening to tracks on air you couldn't hear elsewhere? Those dulcet tones at 4am belonged to Patrick Forge, a man as passionate and determined about specialist music as those who ran the pirate radio station from which his voice reached us. At the time KissFM was a groundbreaker, it was fun, it had that home-made edge before becoming corporatised and same-same-same-ish (Rinse, take note). Forge played out latin-jazz and early electronica hosting nights across London, championing new music and DJing on KissFM for no less than 18 years from 1990. We love this man!
So enjoy an hour of Forge-left-field on Sat night from 11-midnight, we will....

In the 2nd half of tonight's show feature a mix of recent recording that were complied for the performance, "Variations for Rooms and a Tone". These recordings will form the basis of documentation to be released early next year, but in tonight's show there are presented "as is" Variations for Rooms and Tones is an installation performance making audible the resonant frequencies of a space. As the feedback tones vie against each other for priority, the chord mutates. The introduction of these tuned tones destabilises the feedback; enrichments of tone resound, dense modulations are created, sound peaks are formed in specific areas and the unique voice of the architecture can be coaxed toward complex flourishes. Each performance is unique, as the resonant properties of a building are never identical.

Arab Electronica - Levitate!

A selection of more unusual and experimental Arabic and Middle-East inspired music for Saturday night. The show is informed by Fari B's recent trip to Exit festival and a collection of politically charged titles and content.

In the second half of tonight's show, we feature a variety of compositions created on a very unusual optical synthesiser, the ANS. Designed by Evgeny Murzin in 193, the ANS was an early Russian synthesiser that used an optical scanning head to control a bank of sine wave oscillators. The programme features works by Alfred Schnittke, Edward Artemiev taken from the album "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music"

See for more information on the ANS.

Summer Stunner

Tonight we sample Middle Eastern keys from John Farah (as he's on his way to UK to perform for us at Cafe Oto London, July 15th), Arab griminess from me (a track I made for Exit Festival) and plenty of other dance-orientated excitement leading us up to the pinnacle that is Saturday midnight.

TU PEUX LE CROIRE by Fari B by FariB

Until 1am Chris Weaver is putting out a one hour live performance by The Dismantlers - Chris Weaver, Lepke B, Peter Rockmount live at Raven Row art Gallery London.

Free Lab Radio _ Arab Electronics _ June 18th 11

Shubbak special: we celebrate the Mayor's July festival: with an hour of Arabic hybrid and electronica sub genres. That's with Fari B until midnight and then a live set by sonic artist Chris Weaver following his recent live performance at Raven Row Gallery as part of the Gone With The Wind Exhibition...

Keep your eye out for the Six Pillars Resonance 104.4fm related events during the festival.

'The Monitor Lizard' Vs. Preslav Literary School

In the second half of May 21st's programme we have an exclusive live in-studio session and interview with Preslav Literary School (Adam Thomas).

Adam talks to Chris Weaver about his transition from performing as a poet using backing tapes to becoming the Preslav Literary School,. They also ponder the rise in popularity of the tape medium in the audio arts and the release of Thomas's latest record Veer.

But for the first hour we take you up to midnight with sounds inspired by The Monitor Lizard, Korean artist Seung Pyo Hon, showing at Deptford's Bearspace gallery, which Fari Bradley will be DJing for at the South London Art Map afterparty this coming Friday.

The Monitor Lizard exhibition concerns itself with that eternal topic of evolution, man and machines, and so requires those songs that describe the ever continuing struggle between our electronic and human lives.

14th May 2011 11pm-1am

Tonight's show: Middle Eastern (Lebanon, Iran and more) music from 11pm until midnight with Fari B, prior to her departure for the Venice Biennial where she'll be Djing more Middle Eastern dance hybrids and broadcasting.

Beyond that Chris Weaver will be hosting a set by the enigmatic Stephen Blowfeld, who's performing as part of Resonance 104.4FM's collaboration with the Netaudio weekend at the Camden Roundhouse.

Modern Folk

Enjoying this one///// 11-12pm this week we are on a mission starting here with the camel men cursing and grumbling:

I Don't See Any God up Here - Sat 26th April 2011

"I don't see any God up here" - A Celebration of the half-centenary of Yuri Gagarin, cosmonaut's first journey into outer space in April 1961 .

Featuring music from:
Sound of the Sun Vs Oscillatorial Binnage

Plus a presentation by journalist, broadcaster and author Ken Hollings, live video mixing from Rucksack Cinema, and images from space from photographer Owen Llewellyn. DJ Karina Townend and DJ Webbcore will be playing spaced out music on the decks.

are a duo of trumpet and drums. Andy Diagram plays trumpet through various bits of electronics creating brass loops. Richard Harrison plays drums and percussion. They have been playing together since 1989, touring the world and releasing many CDs.

Gagarin - Warm electronica and soundscaping from London-based Graham Dowdall, who's worked with Nico, Sons of Arqua, John Cale and Cabaret Voltaire, among others. The Gagarin sound is produced pretty much live, with drum patterns tapped out and samples triggered on the spot.

Sound of the Sun is an improvising rock band comprising Simon King - guitar, Paul May - drums and Chris Cornetto- Korg, trumpet, tape recorder and noise. The band are in the Kosmische tradition, creating post-psychedelic free-form rock that owes more to Ornette Coleman than motorik 4/4 rhythm-driven rock.

Oscillatorial Binnage is the ground-breaking experimental combo of
Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver. They make an awesome racket of profound philosophical and technical complexity based on the analysis and amplification of the resonant frequencies of everyday objects. “If Doctor John Dee had made musique concrete,” the late John Michell wrote, “it would probably have sounded like the Binnage.”

Ken Hollings is a writer based in London. His work appears in a wide range of journals and publications, including The Wire, Sight and Sound, Strange Attractor. He has written and presented critically acclaimed programmes for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, Resonance FM, NPS in Holland and ABC Australia. His new book, Welcome to Mars: Science and the American Century 1947-1959, is out now from Strange Attractor Press."

Rucksack Cinema (aka Jaime Rory Lucy) has a long history as a tour manager for many well-known rock groups. He now creates stunning esoteric video mixes for live music, bringing a rare visual sensibility to any event he is involved in.

Owen Llewellyn is a folk musician, maths teacher and photographer specialising in astronomical and macro photography, producing ravishing images of the night sky.

Embody - the art of dance

SebastiAn's album Total features the brilliantly entitled single Embody for which this is the released video. The video is directed by Ed Banger artist extraordinaire So-Me who creates a fitting and slightly magical story out of the whole ambiance of the track.

Gang Gang Dance - New Album

While Fari B was reviewing Gang Gang Dance for Dusted Magazine, she came across this video, with it's iconographic cut ups and lyrics "Throw your meaning out the window, I feel the entire universe inside myself [..] It's natural." video artist and producer Ghostdad is on track.

We've not heard much of WIN WIN but this could well lead to more, whatever you think of producer duo Alex “XXXchange” Epton (ex-Spankrock), DJ Chris Devlin (Devlin & Darko, Spankrock collaborator), this piece has some riffy bass lines that sound like long industrial pipes being played with ping pong rackets. Nice.

I Don't See Any God Up Here...

Tonight, to mark Oscillatorial Binnage's performance April 23rd we will from midnight to 1am launch with Sanskrit invocations from the Vedic period (1500-500 BC) with inter-referential space frequencies श्रीगणपत्यथर्वशीर्षोपनिषद्

From 11pm we pick up where we left off last week with 8 bit deconstructed noise, after a brief lament for precious time lost in the sole pursuit of monetary gain. We also celebrate the launch of Deadelus's new album Bespoke, Doris Day, a 14 year old producer from New Orleans, the little known genius Ramsilver, Gang Gang dance (with tracks called "∞ ∞" - how do you say that on air>???) and more....(and less).
Hear the 8 Bit podcast from Fari last week, dedicated to winter baccy lovers...

I Don't See Any God Up Here with Spaceheads, Gagarin, Sound of the Sun and Oscillatorial Binnage
The Grosvenor, 17 Sydney Road, Stockwell, SW9

Disco Villains - 8 Bit Disaster

It's got some bite....

Time to Get Healthy, Mate!

Tonight's show goes out to all the flippant smokers (most Iranians) and winter baccy lovers. Spring brings a new health warning (check the drawing by one of my radio kids here).

We'll be enjoying audio from the artist Lawrence Weiner, 8 bit, lo-fi noise and tetris sprinkled joy.

Thanks to everyone who made it to Cafe Oto for our Radiophonic special, it was jam packed and hot, hot, hot!

Radiophonics, Violin Voice and Turntable... April 2nd 2011

Ahead of our Wire Salon at Cafe Oto, we're playing unreleased, unheard sounds from the Daphne Oram collections from 11pm.

For those new to this, Oram founded through applied hard work, the BBC Radiophonic workshop which later produced musical landmarks such as the Doctor Who theme tune (below).

Then from midnight the duo of Violin and voice explorer C.Spencer Yeh and turntablist DJ Sniff perform live in the studio, in support of their recent U.K tour. The show also features an interview with the seemingly clairvoyant pair discussing the success of forthcoming Cafe Oto appearance and the idea of inertia in live electronics.

Happy Under Pressure

We're out of the country this week, leaving you with a happy under pressure mix.

Sat 5th March - Up and Beat

Sensing the coming spring, it's and beat from here on in. Followed by a live solo by Chris Weaver, in advance of the many collaborations he's planned.

If you have something you'd like to submit please write to on here, we receive all comments.

Music Freedom Day- Sat 26th Feb 2011

"If we told you who was scheduled to appear, they might not make it..."

Banned music from Myanmar (Burma) and the rest of the oppressed world. Plus the brand new guest track Egyptian Revolution by Bongo Christ, a member of Transglobal Underground. Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4FM on your tranny, or on your pooter.

Chicken 'n Meat

At first glance everything's fast food and quick judgements, but make new music with your appropriation and critique of junk culture, and jam incongruent terms together, to create a new language. Viewers on the other hand, by accepting it, make a comment on ourselves. This is how Hirst has functioned, feeding the art world work so grotesque it becomes a self-reflexive comment the moment we go to view it, buy it or call it art rather than protest so loudly he has to withdraw? Our apathy is the vehicle by which we are now measured, as the throw away, chicken 'n chipz generation, as I call them, are coming up.

"Whattup to white bran [...] Why you wanna put me in a coffin sir?"

5th February 2011 - Censored Music and Feedback

A celebration of Index on Censorship's Music issue, we're playing protest music and music from countries where censorship is rife, to tie in with the publication of Smashed Hits 2.0.

To get some of the tracks from the Index Compilation click HERE ITunes required.

From midnight:
More highlights from the the 2004 "Feedback: Order From Noise" tour that was curated by Knut Aufermann. This week performances from Nic Collins, Sarah Washington and Otomo Yoshihide

A magazine to coincide with this tour was produced by the London
Musicians' Collective and is available from in PDf format HERE

Tonight's Free Lab Radio - 11-1am on 104.4FM

An hour of lo-bit sound in music. Here's a track by Missill an producer who features tonight and one of the few women promoting lo-fi tetris music. We're putting up 'Forward', though it's not snaffu, for all the people of Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran today.

From midnight follows an exclusive unreleased live recordings from the 2004 "Feedback: Order From Noise" tour curated by Knut Aufermann, followed by a live electro-acoustic piece by Oscillatorial Binnage. The piece is centred around the use highly amplified springs, captured magnetically and acoustically, and is to be premiered at Cafe Oto on the 22nd of February

Free Lab Radio - Say 29th Jan Snafu and Feedback

The lead up to midnight starts at 11pm as we explore snafu
Entry: glitch

Definition: error
Synonyms: bug*, defect, flaw, hitch, malfunction, misfire, mishap, problem, setback, snafu, snag, something wrong, snaffu

From 1am we are continuing the investigation into feedback.

Exclusive unreleased live recordings from the 2004 "Feedback: Order From Noise" tour that was curated by Knut Aufermann, followed by a live, as-of-yet untitled, electro-acoustic work in progress by Oscillatorial Binnage. The piece is centred around the use highly amplified springs, captured magnetically and acoustically. This work is to be premiered at Cafe Oto on the 22nd of February

A magazine to coincide with the Feedback tour was produced by the London Musicians' Collective and is now a collector's item, available from in PDf format here:

Tonight's Free Lab Radio Saturday January 22nd

11-midnight Funky bleep-blop from Brazil, Jean Jacques Perry, 8 bit chip disco and intensely-processed 80s sounds for the new hacker generation from Fari B

midnight--1am Follow up to last week's No-Input Special. Please see the track list below.

"II" from Gravity Maps II by Carl Kruger (available from

"no-input mixer for Classwar Karaoke Survey 0013" by Hal McGee (available from

"Scale" from No-Input Mixer by Federico Barabino (available from

"Industry For a New Age" from Feedback Music II by David Lee Myers (Cassette Release on Generations Unlimited)

Free Lab Radio is an audio experiment from one week to the next - dance, speech, live broadcasts on location and in the studio - Free Lab Radio takes you places from the comfort of your living room chair.

Mid winter has passed

We are a month into the second half of winter, there's light in this.

Sunday at Video is the Only Constant.

DJing on Sunday with a drummer was an eye opener. The drum summoned people in to listen, it's acoustic strength is so physical that it went well with the mega new sound system (since early last year?) at Corsica.

'The Video Is' team screened shorts on a white sheet on stage, some of which were truly amazing. This film maker below, for example, explained the technique for which he has become known as a pioneer and one of the best in his field, no less. Ian Pons Jewell, very interesting, he is one to follow!

The highlight of the evening was the screening of a reel of 16mm film we'd all drawn on. It had been laid out on a dining table covered in white paper and surrounded by tempting pens in the bar. It was a guessing game waiting to see how the static images translated on the projector, and a worthy collaborative project to end the day with. Video Is free, laid back and always well attended. I suggest you join their mailing list.

CRYSTAL FIGHTERS - Follow (Official)

Follow us on Facebook

Links to music played on the show here. It's just quicker, sorry if you hate Facebook, we understand.

Jan 15th 2011- Turkish, Minimal, Politics, No-Input & Y.A.S.

...because we can.

Bringing you the set that can never be played elsewhere, because it's more a chaotic diary of the past month. After Christmas a certain yen for minimalism developed (all praise excess) as we auditioned tunes for our first show of 2011: Datasette, Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing.

Since then reprocessed doleful sounds of the 80s, political content from A.K. Rockerfeller, as yet unheard Turkish sounds from Djanan Turan and our FEATURED ARTIST, this week from Lebanon. The lovely, Y.A.S. who you may remember from Soap Kills. Many thanks to those who sent in their tunes. If you fit the bill, send us your track submission.

A mixed set for a month of mixed feelings. Up to midnight and then....

On the 2nd part of the show, a introduction to the practise of the no-input mixer through a short performance and pieces by Christopher Weaver. He has now embraced twitter so feel free to spam him. Some interesting collaborations might be on the cards this next two months. Thanks to Cafe Oto for allowing us to pilfer their performers. Come 1am we'll have zoned you into some kind of phonic slumber.

NB: Fari is Djing this Sunday at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle for Video is the Only Constant with a live drummer. It's free 5-10.30pm, very laid back....


We've had some messages asking about a track we played out just before Christmas, it's by Captain Ska...he's picking up a lot of interest by word of mouth. Who said Ska was dead? The clever feller has cut up snippets of speeches and dropped them into his rhythm. Somehow the softness of the ska beat juxtaposes itself nicely with the cutting lyrics, making them even sharper. If you feel fired up by the end of the song and want to know more about the role of social media and the arts in activism, there's a link to follow.
LIAR LIAR by Captain Ska
Yours for 79p!
Read more about our Camberwell hero in the New Statesman
And the video:

Social Media's New Role in Activism