Keep on Moving in the Inside World

One of our long-time faves have made this statement...

❢Bah-bah Moombah❢

It's been a short while now the reggaeton-sprung sounds of Moombahton and it's tense derivative Moombahcore have been circling the pixel-sphere. Producers from the UK and farther afield are sampled in this Saturday's Free Lab Radio.

Where Moombah is relaxed, Moombahcore is tightly sprung. It all began when an ordinary Euro-dance track was slowed down to 108 beats per minute, close to reggaeton's tempo and the entire wilderness just flooded in...

Slay the Monster

At the end of 2011 Plaid released their first full-length album since 2003. Their sound has become magic-box sweet and melancholicly dark - while the visuals just grow better and better. We have all slain the monster at some point or another....

Unexplicably Wild, Expansive Post-Industrial Desert-scapes

This could be the tone for this week, space to think, an almost malevolent silence clamouring to be heard and a deep rhythm you have never really let go of.