Amon Tobin Finger Painting

Yes, musicians make 'art'!
 This unnamed beauty is the result of Amon Tobin donating his finger print to artist Greg Angus, who then rendered the print creatively in oil and melted wax. To its credit it does look like the effect of sound on water, and that's intriguing. But it also looks like a tie-dye finger painting made on a computer. As it's the great electronic visionary producer, responsible for the likes of ISAM and other wonders however, you might not be satisfied with CDs, downloads, tee shirts, baseball hats and concert might want to take your adoration up a notch. Here's the press release which makes some amazing claims:

In anticipation of Greg Angus’ upcoming Los Angeles exhibition, ‘electronic’, Verve Projects is pleased to release Amon Tobin’s fingerprint painting.
These prints are based on Greg’s original encaustic paintings featuring the top electronic musicians in the world. The prints are a closed limited edition of 100, at 36” x 36” each, and they are hand signed by the artist Greg Angus and printed on the highest quality archival (museum quality) paper. Subsequently, the original paintings that these prints are derived from will be unveiled at an exhibition reception in Los Angeles in 2015. Exploring themes of identity in his work, the inspiration in Angus’ paintings are derived from fingerprints. In 2013, Angus met with Amon Tobin to collect his actual fingerprints. He subsequently manipulated them, developing interesting contours and shapes that he used to guide his painting. In his original paintings, his technique involves mixing oil paint with melted wax, (encaustic) and layering a myriad of colors over one another. He then scrapes and carves out his patterns creating texturally complex works. Earlier works have a close relation to the fingerprint Angus begins with, while more recent works have a looser, more organic interpretation. The work is rich with tactile detail, peaks, valleys, and ridges that characterize our distinctive physical stamp. Kinetic use of color is signature in Angus’ work. The high-saturation and brights vibrate with energy drawing us through many pathways in the image. Our natural inclination for individuality and our need to investigate and celebrate the diversity of experience on which we build our identities is reflected in Angus’ works, and reflected in his desire to honour truly exceptional individuals who have left their creative mark on the world.

My Doctor, Doctor Me

Surreal lyrics and video from Nairobi "My Doctor, doctor me! Touch me here knees and toes, knees and toes." Great moves though. From 'Best New Kenyan Gospel' music, 2014 Caro Nyce and Romy. 

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Saturday Night Free Lab Radio - Sheitan's Trap Mix

Sat 22nd Feb 11-midnight on Resonance104.4FM

A very special guest appearance by Iranian-German provocateur producer/ DJ Maral Samassi. Tonight we sample "Sheitan's Trap Mix" with its traces of Diplo, Major Lazer, M.I.A and Santigold rolled into one massive hour of trap. 

The Cologne-based, Iranian-German Samassi has been making music since 1994 releasing a slew of vinyl and starting up Formic Distribution in 1996. Aside from producing and DJing she also is a writer and singer on her own tracks, and has performed all over the world, and

Samassi states her influences as ranging from old Bollywood, Persian, Latin American and Maghrebian music from the 40s - 80s to early Detroit electro and techno, Chicago House, Miami Bass, Hip Hop and especially Ethiopian Jazz.

Born 1975 in Teheran, where Sheitan (The Great Satan (Persian شيطان بزرگ Shaytân-e Bozorg) is the name given to the government of the USA and sometimes the UK, both by the Iranian government (issued in public statement)s and the people alike (appearing in street graffiti). Samassi grew up first in Iran and then Jordan, until with the fall of the Shah's regime in 1979, the family was forced to return to Iran and after seven years fled the Iran/ Iraq war to then settle in Germany in 1986.
Samassi is founder of the techno label Konsequent Records in 1997 which featured artists like Jay Denham, Cari Lekebush, The Advent or Claude Young and new media label Art of Perception in ‘99, an exclusive limited Soundtrack series in co-operation with Games Workshop UK for the game Warhammer 40.000 by artists like Alter Ego, Jimmy Tenor, Dr. Shingo, Zombie Nation or Andrew Weatherall. Maral’s now works on the diverse label Television Rocks.

Born to Maral Salmassi and partner Fabian Stall, Television Rocks, is a platform for both artists such as AcidKids, The Sneekers and Tenderlions. Maral describes her sound as “funky, playful glamour tech which is more a combination of electro, disco and old school hip hop than German Post-Minimal sounds and styles”.
A satirized painting of the Statue of Liberty now on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy, in Tehran, Iran

Selected discography Maral Salmassi
- Maral Salmassi presents Nu Forms of Techno 2CD (Zoomshot)
- Diabolus in Musiker / Compiled and mixed by Maral Salmassi CD (Konsequent)
- The Kanzleramt Years / Compiled and mixed by Maral Salmassi CD (Kanzleramt)
- Maral Salmassi presents „It’s not just about skiing...“ CD (Forte)

12” Releases:
- Maral Salmassi feat. Ascii Disko– Banana Man 12” (Television Records)
- Maral Salmassi – Get on Top 12” (Television Records) Produced with Break 3000
- Maral Salmassi – Robot Queen 12” (Television Records) Produced with Zombie Nation
- Maral Salmassi – Schaffellomania / Hotze – Pussy Galore Soundtrack – 12” (radio play music)
- Golden Days – Keep it Dry 12” (Television Rec.)
- Maral Salmassi – Love 12” (Art of Perception)
- Golden Days- We deliver your Demand 12” (Television Rec.)
- Jonjon & G. Digger Feat. Maral Salmassi – All the Girls (Criminal Rec.)
- Maral Salmassi - Victims Of The Super-Ape (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - Break Dance (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - Natural Fun (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - Fire Gem Remixes (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - My Shit Is On (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi & Fukkk Offf - Let‘s Rock The Party (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - Dwarf Nebula (Collaboration with Zombie Nation) (Television Rocks)
- Maral Salmassi - WYSIWYG (Amnesty International / Peace Compilation)
- Maral Salmassi - Food Porn (Television Rocks

- Maral Salmassi – Robot Queen (Television Rec)
- Golden Days – Keep it Dry (Television Rec)
- John Starlight – Deep Down (Television Rec)
- Jonjon & G. Digger feat. Maral Salmassi – All the Girls (Criminal Rec.)
- Munk - Live Fast Die Old (Gomma Rec)
- The Sexinvaders - Silent Heart (Pling Plonk Rec.)
- Nias - She Would

Who is 'Xentos Fray Bentos'? #ResoFund

As part of the #ResoFund "I ♥ ResonanceFM" fundraiser we are highlighting items donated by ex-The Homosexuals member Xentos, Amos - (Amos and Crew , Amos & Sara , Amos and Superslicks , Sara Goes Pop , The Tesco Bombers, The Work), Dave Marsh, King Kobra, L. Voag, Narky Brillans (The Just Measurers) who is Jim Welton. One time producer of the renowned ResonanceFM series Harmon e. Phrayser.

Items on auction (pictured) are:
  • 5 x Perfect Vacuum CDs "The Music of the 21st Century"
  • 3 x Ischio Romantico CDs "From the Hip" made with Lepke B and The Bohman Brothers, Leonard Aspen and Roger Boulding - now unavailable on Amazon.
  • 5 x Narki Brillans "Narki Goes into Orbo"  
  •  These will be for sale via the Auction Page later today until tomorrow.
At rare times cult-status Xentos Fray Bentos has been known to make public appearances for Resonance104.4FM, even producing a series of live radio shows inside the Serpentine Gallery exhibition by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija but generally he is a shape-shifting shirker of accolade focused on creativity rather than reputation.  There has been a recent documentary on him, though.

His Discogs and other profiles remain incomplete, unsurprisingly as the man is difficult to trace as he appears on many unlikely albums and tracks such as the Otomo - Rowe Ajar on the label Alcohol, which also releases his work with the once extremely cool collaboration with Lepke B, Ted "Bongo Bongo Barrow" and more in Die Trip Computer Die, for which the credits are made out to Castle Buckwater. If you can speak French and have excellent hearing, Xentos features on this Radio Panik radio podcast.

Casiokids Come Back

We like this too much. Possibly ten of the 40 thousand Youtube views might have been traces of us. OK maybe not, but the tight compression and the rhythm with it's mixed in African drums is just amazing. It's liberating too to have absolutely no idea what the lyrics mean, the light flow of the synths over the near-tribal drums narrates a story of its own unencumbered by "Yeah, yeah, yeah baby" or whatever it is in Norwegian. The video is typically narrative for the a-ha-endorsed Casiokids too; this is a contemporary kind of altar boy, in the super-chichi-retro temple of adoration of everything vintage. Liberated by electromagnetic TV voodoo the kid disco dances his way to the self-awareness that comes with adulthood. With nothing released since 2011 the band seemed to have underground but they were touring, appearing in pubs in the North of England and now back in Scandinavia. More recent work by the group is even more lo-fi casio, playfully delivered. What news? Watch this space!

New Podcast - Bow down ya ear on #FreeLabRadio

Free Lab Radio - Bow down thine ear by Fari on Mixcloud

Tonight a long guest mix by Jad Atoui, with his Black Sea Series but not before we sample everything from choral arrangements of Hindi traditional songs to 'experimental' dance tracks made in Romford, Essex. Featured are the Calgary Boys Choir, Vessels - remixing Satteliti, Persian Dubplates and the Juice Vocal Ensemble on the label Non-Classical. Tweet us with the hashtag #FreeLabRadio NB - there's a 20 second breather fade at 15'45".

Black Sea Series - Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show

11-midnight 104.4FM in London, on HERE online
Tonight's show is a mini-mix by Fari Bradley and a 35 minute guest piece by Jad Atoui, whose soundscape work occasionally crosses over into music.
Tracks tonight are from Persian Dubplates (UK/Iran), Satelliti (Italy) remixed by Vessels from Leeds, Non-Classical's Juice Vocal Ensemble (UK) and the Calgary Boy's Choir (Canada) singing a reworking of an Indian bhajan. 
 ::Jad Atoui:: Born in Lebanon, 1993 Jad Atoui is based in NY, where he produces music and experiments with electronic sounds. Jad has been composing audio pieces since 2008. Using his electronic gear, he creates a sound that fits somewhere between ambient, soundscape, garage and glitch and hashis work has featured in the magnificent Pompidou Center (2012, Paris). As a performer Jad Atoui has played with renowned artists like John Zorn, Igorrr, Ikue Morie, One man Nation, Tarek Atoui, Erik Friedlander and C-drick Kirdec. 
:: Black Sea Series:: 
 Black Sea Series is a fusion of influences from Beirut of new experiences lived in New York. The altered field recordings have been collected since 2011, and they express raw unedited sounds as they appear in nature, focusing on this disruption of perception related to the world surrounding us. The sonic feel in this body of work shifts from oriental to almost purely electronic, harsh yet hypnotizing sounds, which reveals the journey of life blooming, of a change, a voyage.

Purple Hendrix Homage in London

After holding a press confernce in Leytonstone (?!) Prince have two secret gigs last night in Camden's Electric Ballroom, seemingly in key with his stunning new hair.
The three members of 3rd Eye Girl appealed to the audience not to use their devices to record or take photos during the performance. "Friend to friend, we want to ask you one favour: spend the night with us, not behind your phones or cameras."

 "Whether it was the increased security, the very real threat of being sued or simply people abiding to his wishes, the lack of technology being thrust into the air made the experience feel all the more timeless." Digital Spy

The band have expressed an interest in playing small venues and possibly Glastonbury, if people continue to enjoy what they're doing, to
series of shows promoting 'Plectrumelectrum', the first album by 3rdeyegirl – his new band.
series of shows promoting 'Plectrumelectrum', the first album by 3rdeyegirl – his new band.
promote his first album with the band Plectrumelectrum, and new tracks like Pretzelbodylogic, which came out unannounced online last week. Why London, why now? Earlier last year we posted about Prince's new formation with the 3rdEyeGirl, but there was not so much an inkling as to the Jimi Hendrix tribute, that seems to be coming out in not just his look and sound, but his choice of venues.

Read more about the gig at NME  or the Telegraph review HERE

Paul Noble - Free Lab Radio Podcast

Paul Noble. Free Lab Radio Mix. by Fari on Mixcloud

Free Lab Radio broadcasting 11-midnight, Saturday nights on Resonance104.4FM. Fari Bradley’s guest is London-based Paul Noble, an active DJ, radio producer, music consultant and producer. He’s worked on Monocle 24, The White Cube, The Observer, The Green Man Festival and dance floors around the world. His directive tonight is to dig into the depths of his music collection for the truly bizarre.

"Zoukesque" Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show, 11-midnight

Dj Umb's Release Zoukesque II
11-midnight on 104.4FM we broadcast an hour's mix Digital-Zouk by conceptual DJ "DJ Umb" provides an hour of Zoukesque music for Free Lab Radio this week. 

The Birmingham producer describes the mix like this:

"As usual, recorded live on semi-ancient machinery: Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MK2 and Pioneer DJM 600 – 1st cut/ live recording." 

Mastered by JSTJR, "Zouk Bass" is a term coined by Portugal's Buraka som Sistema during their infamous Boiler Room session in Feb 2013 to describe updated club sounds of an Angolan dance genre called "Tarraxinha" or "Tarraxo".

See him in action in Roskilde in this rare video below. Listen in on 104.4FM across London, or on this radio player HERE