This Week's Free Lab Radio - World-Psyched, with Flamingods

A bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio from Kamal Rasool, a musician living in Dubai, UAE and founding member of Flamingods. Much in the vein of UK experimental band Flamingods Rasool seeks to portray ancient imagery in his sets, triggered by tripped out sound collages filled with energy, texture and depth.

Kamal's hypnotic mixes draw music from around the world, and aim to convey a manner of cross-cultural unification. In this particular mix, sounds range from 70s Bollywood funk, Ethiopian jazz, Balinese field recordings, West African folk music and experimental artists such as Lucky Dragons & Ibibio Sound System.

Broadcasts on 104.4FM across London and online, Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Thursday 2am.

Aritst: Title Track

1. GLIA - Derakht ' Anhjir 
2. The Bombay Royale - Ankhiyan
3. R.D Burman - Dance Music 
4. Acid Glasses - My Shell to Wait In / Cremation Procession (Rotating Coffin) (Sublime Frequencies)
5. Lucky Dragons - Honeycombhouse  / 21st Century Perspiration (Radio Thailand) 
6. Pregnant - Buried in the Garden
7. Budapest Radio Orchestra - The Lights of Hong Kong
8. Girma Bèyènè- Yebeqagnal 
9. Ibibio Sound System - Let's Dance (Yak Inek Unek) 
10. Ray Barreto - Acid 
11. Les Griots - Danse Du Fleuve 
12. Beaty Heart - Opal Loop 
13. F.Kenya - Madame Zehae Ala / Les Griots - Danse Des Flles Du Sable 
14. Mystic Moon - Lani Kai 
15. Belita Palma - Fidel Castro 
16. Kyeremateng Atwede & The Kyeremateng Stars - I Go Die For You 
17. Hailu Mergia - Shilela
18. The Bearded Hermes - Sun City Girls

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Real Reggae with Earl Gateshead

Earl Gateshead MCing at Notting Hill
"Classic roots and dub meet new digital killers." A bespoke mix for Free Lab Radio by Earl Gateshead, selector for Trojan Sound System, of Trojan Records. 

Gateshead is a respected and long standing member of London's roots scene, and was the Roots Reggae resident at the seminal Blue Note and Fabric, both in Soho, London. 

Broadcasts Saturday nights 11-midnight, repeats Thursdays 2am on 104.4FM across London online elsewhere. Read his bio below. Tweet @FariBrad
1) Ayatollah--Jackie Mittoo (Nefertiti 12)
2) This World--King Midious (Justice League 7)
3) Natty Dread Nar Run--Barry Brown (Strong Like Samson 12)
4) Rasta We Rasta--Danny Red (Youth And Truth 12)
5) Jah I--The Jewells (Observer 7)
6) Version to 'Institutionalised Racism'--Vivian Jones (Global Domination 7)
7) Bird In Flight--Carleen Anderson (Tuff Scout 7)
8) Babylon--Admiral Tibbett (Kings International 7)
9) Dubplate Fashion--Tradesman and Parly B (Reggae Roast 7)
10) Watch Them--Singer Tempa (Digi-Kal 7)
11) Mission Impossible--Nerious Joseph, Philip Leo, C J Lewis (Fashion 12)
12) Housebreaker (Rootikal Rebuild)-- Capital Letters (Reggae Archive Records)
13) Pure Rankin--Horace Andy and King Tubbys (Sufferers Heights 12)
14) Stop The War--Paul Freeman (Sunshine Records 7)
Since 1968, Trojan Records has led the way in presenting the very best in classic Jamaican sounds. The labels releases have featured the best of Jamaican talent, with the likes of Bob Marley and The Wailers, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Ken Boothe, Toots andThe Maytals and The Inner Circle all included on its illustrious roster.
Earl began DJing in 1979 when he played reggae records between punk bands in Brixton and was heavily influenced by the Trojan releases of the time. Today Earl Gateshead and Trojan Sound System tour the globe playing records from the extensive Trojan catalogue, spreading the original message from Jamaica’s golden era of Reggae music. Recent shows include Glastonbury, Outlook, Boomtownfair, Bestival, Rototom Festival and club events at London’s biggest venue; Fabric.

In the late 70s, in the spirit of the times Earl built his own sound system at the world famous Dive Bar in Soho, where he established a reputation across London. Earl had a 20 year residency at The Dive Bar, which was sadly bought to an end in 2002 when the venue was closed. Throughout the later part of his Dive Bar years Earl became the Saturday night resident at clubs such as the internationally acclaimed Blue Note and later Fabric, where he was the resident Roots Reggae specialist.
In 2000 Earl organised and performed at a series of events called “Reggae Nights”. These legendary series of concerts received world wide attention, with performances from international legends such as; Alton Ellis, Dennis Alcapone, Adrian Sherwood and Saxon Sound System. This run of great success gave Earl a huge boost in profile, which lead him to be one of the most sought after DJs in the country and in high demand from international Reggae artists. He then went on to tour Europe and Australasia with Big Youth, Dr Alimantado and Cutty Ranks amongst others. 

Invited to give a lecture at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Sao Paulo, Earl gave a comprehensive lecture on Reggae DJing and recorded a radio show for Red Bull.

This Week's Free Lab Radio - Electro Posé (WDEF)

Tonight! The French 'music diffuser', normally 'broadcasting' online since 2013, has had their station go offline this month. The beauty of on demand though means the mixes are online for years afterwards.

Tonight one hour of "Deep, Deep/House, Tech/House, Chill, Minimal. Pop/electro" from France mixed by Electro Posé. His mixes are characterised by a love of fuzzing up the sound only to make it clear again once your mind has wandered. These mixes are made for internet listening, while we type, on computer speakers.
>Check out his mixes here.

Free Lab Radio broadcasts Saturday nights 11-midnight repeats Thursdays 2-3am on arts-music radio station Resonance104.4FM.

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Unknow What You Know - This Week's Free Lab Radio

This week your #FreeLabRadio producer played out on the beach here in Dubai, to a crowd of academics heavily involved in the electronic arts and young creatives living here in the UAE. ISEA2014, a roaming electronic arts festival is hosted this year by the United Arab Emirates. One visiting sound artist from Canada told me last night, "I would never dance to Love Shack, but that was the best damn remix I ever heard". 

As a nod then to the possibilities of reinventing the way we hear familiar music, this week we present the Magic Drum Orchestra mix made for their release by bandleader Bigga Bush.

Broadcasts Saturday night 11-midnight, repeats Thursday 2am on 104.4FM across London, or online everywhere else.

Do you love the beats? The band have released their own drum sample pack.

01 Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime Instrumental edit
02 Magic Drum Orchestra - Get Up
03 Lightning Head - Message Beats
04 Patrick Dawes - Garden of Love
05 Fela Kuti - Shakara (Ossie's Bump edit)
06 Blast Head - Mangrove Monkey (BiggaBush Unreleased Version)
07 Benga & Coki - Night (SDP Dub)
08 Lightning Head - Second Line Stomp
09 Classica Orchestra Afrobeat - Mr. Follow Follow
10 Geode - Get Dem
11 Driving Blind - Wandering Lions (BiggaBush Version)
12 Magic Drum Orchestra - Crunked Up

Are you in a prison? No. Where you at? I'm nowhere man.

A Gray/Test Transmission mash up of two tracks one of which involves a phone call by the artist to the operator.

Remember the operator?

A human at the end of the line. The fortunate/unfortunate Basuiat burnt himself out but not before he made a significant contribution to art, music and the history of art. There's also a terrible human tragedy that surrounds not just his life but those he frequented. What is the use of tragedy? It's without doubt contains elements of a didactic nature, encoded with an example to onlookers; DO NOT REPEAT. Yet we are willfully ignorant again and again. Don't give up on people or exploit their weaknesses, especially the creatives. It will passively make you evil. Basquiat's (1960-88) unseen notebooks will be at Brooklyn Museum in 2015.

Are you in a prison? No. Where you at? I'm nowhere man....

New Podcast Free Lab Radio - Sataan Al Hassan

Sataan Al-Hassan, embracing the chance to "finally make a mix that allows the use of favourites with no restriction to genre", brings us his recent playlist, selected and mixed especially for Free Lab Radio.

Al-Hassan grew up in Tunisia, Belgium, Luxembourg and is from Jordan. Now based in the UAE he is a self taught radio and club DJ, and the film programme coordinator at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Broadcasts Saturday nights 11-midnight, UK time, repeats Thursdays 2-3am.

On air on 104.4FM on your radio across London. Listen online elsewhere with Radio Player.