This Week's #FreeLabRadio - Jellica Chip Tunes

An hour of dancey wobble tracks made using cold computers and consoles by Jellica, with that demo-scene style that defines this kind of chip-tune music. A peer of artist Chris Weaver's since the mid 90s, Jellica joined a C64 demo group and started making C64 music that can only be played back on modified hardware that he doesn’t even own. Such scene. Picture Raquel Meyers - made using an old Commodore64.

Jellica Chipmusic 8bit Resonance FM mixtape Some dancey, funky, weird and cheesy music made using old computers and consoles.

Jellica Chipmusic 8bit Resonance FM mixtape

Some dancey, funky, weird and cheesy music made using old computers and consoles.


PETSCII snake art by Raquel Meyers

01 Stu - Atari Underground Chiptune Resistance (Atari ST

02 AY Riders - Madonna - Hung Up (ZX Spectrum)

03 Fanta - Fanta In Space (Commodore 64)

04 Fitts For Fight - Fuck Off And Die (Atari ST)

05 Glenn Rune Gallefoss - Huffa Meg (Commodore 64)

06 Mister Beep - Digital World (ZX Spectrum)

07 Jammer - Not A Jazz (Commodore 64)

08 Logicbomb - Older Girls (Nintendo Gameboy)

09 Tim Follin - Ghouls n Ghosts level 1 (Commodore 64)

10 Rico Z - Interplanetary Lover (Some PC tracker?)

11 gwEm - Disco Snax (Atari ST)

12 Joss Manley - Sosmix (Commodore 64)

13 Bodenstandig 2000 - In Rock 16 Bit (Some PC tracker?)

14 Lo-Bat - Spoiler In My Neck (Nintendo Gameboy)

15 Uoki-Toki - Out Of Space (Nintendo Gameboy)

16 Raveguru - ASSID (Commodore 64)


Free Lab Radio Podcast - Remember Me

This week's Free Lab celebrates songs worth learning the lyrics too, if you don't know them already. From great lyrics by the masters, to tunes many of us had on cassette as kids.

This Week's #FreeLabRadio - Guest DJ Nuff Ced

This Saturday night, an exclusive mix by Cedric 'Nuff Ced' of Dubai DJ crew 'Deep Crates Cartel' - crate-diggers from all around the world who dedicate themselves to an alternative music scene in Dubai. 11- midnight GMT across London on 104.4FM or via the RadioPlayer.

MEANWHILE DON'T FORGET it's the RESONANCEFM AUCTION still... artworks, experiences and collectables all up for grabs at ridiculously low prices, and for a great cause - arts-music station Resonance104.4FM broadcasts on air due to a huge amount of fundraising, and all programme makers are volunteers.  "Nuff Ced" a Parisian record collector and selector with Dubai DJ crew Deep Crates Cartel. Deep Crates gather crate-diggers from the world over as far afield as Lebanon, Spain, UK, Poland, Egypt and so on, who share the same mindset and quest for rare groove. DCC dedicated themselves to provide what they felt was missing in Dubai, an alternative to the mainstream & commercial music scene. 

"We clearly have a common vibe, yet with each his own specialities, one is a wicked reggae selector, another a highly-skilled turntablist... I'm into soul jazz funk, with a soft spot for Brazilian music and have been accumulating records and musical knowledge for more than 20 years now. A true consuming passion that I'm always glad to share.
So, at your request, I put together a little musical journey crossing borders and pushing boundaries.
You'll hear some Turkish, Indian, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Indonesian, Swedish stuff and a few 60s-70s american soul and jazz avant-garde."

This Week's #FreeLabRadio - The ResonanceFM Auction Special Recorded in Dubai

Together with sound artist Chris Weaver and illustrator Julien Famchon, I'll be discussing the ResonanceFM auction tonight and sampling tracks by Cairo LabelRation Front on the show from 11-midnight.

Tonight's show is recorded inside an art gallery in Dubai, which Chris Weaver and I designed and built as part of our exhibition Systems for a Score currently in Tashkeel, Dubai.

Chris Weaver holding the Atari banner 
Fari and Chris are auctioning off an Atari hand-printed banner they made as part of their show, find it here on Ebay.
Screen printed drill cloth, acrylic paint
202 x 82 cm
Series 1/3 only
Cairo LabelRadio Front are pseudo-Chaabi electro producers from Tilburg, Netherlands.

Broadcasts 11-midnight GMT in the UK on 104.4FM in London, an worldwide on this IPlayer

Cairo LabelRation Front Embrace Perry-Pharonics

ResonanceFM Auction - This Week Only!

 ResonanceFM's Annual Fundraiser - running 9 to 15 February – is running!

"Once more we need the help of you, our listeners. Full details of all activities – a week of live events, our amazing auction, a limited edition t-shirt with an extraordinary Peter Blake design and more – are HERE

This year Resonance hopes to raise enough money to underwrite a trial DAB service, redesign its website, overhaul its studios, and extend its broadcast area beyond central London. And our pool of outstanding broadcasters who make Resonance’s 24/7 schedule for free seeks your active support. If you appreciate what they do, please take a moment to make that donation. And if you want Resonance to thrive, please do act now!

Free Lab Radio This Week: Guest Producer IsaGT (#2)

There are many ways to be an eccentric. Previous Free Lab Radio guest DJ, IsaGT is continually exploring this sacred arena of freedoms and flexing her creative muscles. Her slightly off vocals, raw features, her vibrant and varied style all speak of GT's Colombian background, East London’s electronic music scene and her influences such as Cumbia, house, Baltimore, Champeta, Baile funk, Kuduro.

For the 2nd time singer and producer IsaGT guest DJs on Free Lab Radio. Bringing together tracks which act as windows to different places - cities, the club, travels and distant locales - IsaGT's Columbian roots and base in London come to the fore in this mix.

Isa considers her work Latin music. In this capacity she has performed guest vocals for and co-production with musicians such as: Toy Selectah, Joao Brasil, Dutch Rhythm Combo, Crookers and toured with M.I.A. several festivals shows. However there's an experimental side to her work that defies genre and allows her to straddle the whatever cliches it is we expect of Latin as a genre, and music that boldly starts out by being free of all expectation. 

Her website states:
With a large audience open to Latin music (and growing) but only a small number of labels and outlets available to put out this new generation of Latin music, Isa started her own label- Etoro. One year in Isa has released her own 5-track ep, alongside 6 other releases of original music and remixes in the form of a compilation and Eps by three Latin American artists.

Isa continues connecting with new forms of Latin music released on Etoro label, and collaborates on radio playlists regularly as a presenter on Pulse radio, and occasionally as a guest on Monocle, and the BBC.
 Broadcasts Saturday 7th February 2015, repeats Thursday 2am on 104.4FM, listen on air in London, on the radio player online.