Music Freedom Day- Sat 26th Feb 2011

"If we told you who was scheduled to appear, they might not make it..."

Banned music from Myanmar (Burma) and the rest of the oppressed world. Plus the brand new guest track Egyptian Revolution by Bongo Christ, a member of Transglobal Underground. Saturday 11-midnight on 104.4FM on your tranny, or on your pooter.

Chicken 'n Meat

At first glance everything's fast food and quick judgements, but make new music with your appropriation and critique of junk culture, and jam incongruent terms together, to create a new language. Viewers on the other hand, by accepting it, make a comment on ourselves. This is how Hirst has functioned, feeding the art world work so grotesque it becomes a self-reflexive comment the moment we go to view it, buy it or call it art rather than protest so loudly he has to withdraw? Our apathy is the vehicle by which we are now measured, as the throw away, chicken 'n chipz generation, as I call them, are coming up.

"Whattup to white bran [...] Why you wanna put me in a coffin sir?"

5th February 2011 - Censored Music and Feedback

A celebration of Index on Censorship's Music issue, we're playing protest music and music from countries where censorship is rife, to tie in with the publication of Smashed Hits 2.0.

To get some of the tracks from the Index Compilation click HERE ITunes required.

From midnight:
More highlights from the the 2004 "Feedback: Order From Noise" tour that was curated by Knut Aufermann. This week performances from Nic Collins, Sarah Washington and Otomo Yoshihide

A magazine to coincide with this tour was produced by the London
Musicians' Collective and is available from in PDf format HERE