Looping On....Mieux - Video for New Release 'Rush'

Ahead of their forthcoming album Are You Happy, ? - Mieux are happy looping away in this latest vid. The credits reveal a lot of it is the brainchild of one person. Props to him.  Of course the answer is that a lot of us aren't happy because we don't know how to make others happy, the first foundation stone of being happy at all.

So the next Q is: does making this album make Viennese band Mieux happy?  The answer lies in what effect is has on you.
Check out their older stuff. You may've heard Fishing before if you're an intelligent listener.

Tonight's Free Lab Radio: Sonic Traces From the Arab World

Street Musician in Beirut by Norient
Sonic Traces From the Arab World

This week on Free Lab Radio, we sample a limited vinyl record, full of noises from the Arab World. 

These include propaganda music by political groups and clans, psychedelic Arabic Rock from the late 1960s and 1970s, the noises of bombs and machine guns, the now ubiquitous synthesized Electro-Sha’bi from Cairo, old and rare shellac recordings, Death Metal, Rap, Electro-Acoustic Music, and Musique Concrète.

Collected and mixed by the Norient collective. The release comes via Discrepant in London. Previous broadcasts by us of Norient include Art Dubai 2013, for the radio commission Falgoosh Radio at Art Dubai.

Broadcasts Saturday 25th 11-midnight, repeats the following Thursday 2am GMT

Listen on air in London on 104.4FM or online elsewhere with this handy Radioplayer

This Week's Free Lab Radio - East Asian Electronica with Fari B

Wang Ningde (b.1972, China), Some Days No. 3, 2002, photograph
“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

This Saturday night we sample electronica tracks from and evoking East Asia.

With Free Lab Radio host Fari B.

Going out 11-midnight GMT on 104.4FM if you are one of London's 7 million Londoners, or online elsewhere, use this handy Radioplayer. 

 Repeats Thursday 2am.