Tonight's Free Lab Radio - Pates' John Peel Tapes

Pates Tapes is hundreds, even thousands of hours of vinyl and cassette mixed and made available on line. Charles Tapes has been making mixtapes since 1977 and amazingly has access to John Peel's own record collection, which he has bought the rights to.

Here is his one hour Best Of Pates Tapes mix.
Check him out on

"A‘Greatest Hits of patestapes,’ one track from each of the eleven sections, you can imagine the arguments I’ve had with myself."

Mutamassik - After This Podcast

11pm Saturday - a special one hour mix "After This" by Mutamassik, made on 2 turntables, a CD walkman for original tracks, and a broken mixer. Featuring tracks from the upcoming 2012, vinyl-only release "Rekkez" on ini.itu records.

Here are her views:
"After revolutions, what do you put in place?
Destruction is easy.  Construction is a b**ch.
Also, 1st world protests--*****--if you are not willing to step
down your standard of living, there can be no revolution.  Period."
"I completely lost the illusion that metropolis like New York, London and
Tokyo are the ultimate hubs of activity, power points on maps, the
epicenters of life.  The irony and truth is that their very breath depends
on an enormous, rhizomatic, artificial life-support system that trucks,
ships, flies in provisions from all kinds of unfashionable places to
sustain it's millions.  A city cannot produce enough food for even a
fraction of its population.  If people do not eat, they die..."
Track list:
1.  cello intro= Mutamassik
2.  'Not Having to Choose Between Killing and Being Killed (P.S.A.)'=
Mutamassik 'That Which Death Cannot Destroy' (Sa'aidi
3.  'Elf Laila we Laila'=Oum Kalsoum & Abdel Wahab Orchestra (Sono Cairo)
4.  'Magda Mariam'='Taranim el Qadisa Mariam' (uncredited)/
'#2=Laraji & Brian Eno/'Dec 1'=Morgan Craft (Circle of Light/RoughAmericana)
5.  'Wishik'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
6.  'Fathy's Jam'=Fathy Salama and Friends
7.  'Subliminal'=Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier)
8.  'La d'Hericourt'=Cl. Balbastre 'Jos Van Immerseel plays Historic
Flemish Harpsichords' (Odyssey)
9.  'Broken Record'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
10. 'Rawa'a'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)/'Commitment=Jayne Cortez & the
Firespitters 'Maintain Control' (Bola)
11. 'Welem'=Ghada el Badeyya (Music Box)
12. 'Mothership'=Ed Rush (No U-Turn)
13. 'In Fields Near Labs'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
14. 'Dr. Aida'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
15. 'Nawal'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
16. 'In Labs Near Fields'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
17. 'Blue Bones'=Mutamassik (Meerkat)
18. 'Franco Arab'=Fakry el Gazawy (Morifon)
19. 'Coptic Mass'=Abuna Kyrollos and attendants
20. 'Human Shield'-Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)
21. 'Mestizo.Blood.Drums'=Mutamassik 'That Which Death Cannot Destroy'
(Sa'aidi Hardcore/RoughAmericana)
22. 'The Force is Electric'= Ed Rush/Nico (No U-Turn)
23. 'Cairo Field Recording'
24. 'Bluedev mix'=Youssri & Hannaa/Concord Blue Dvs. Marching Band
25. 'Rekkez'=Mutamassik 'Rekkez' (ini itu)

Wishik--"your face".  My mother sings an old Egyptian song, "Min ellak
teskoun fe Haretna", the words of which were intended as a love song, but
double paradoxically well as a resistance poem:  
"How dare you come and live in our street
You are occupying us and you're cramping our style
We don't have any more comfort.
Find a solution for our situation,
Otherwise leave this place
And go somewhere else."

Debut EP by Persian-Canadian DJ DJREO

- Poor Volition [Broken Synth]

Saturday's Radio Show - FUTURE REIGNS

If the future reigns the past is its subject. Neo-Romo is now all over the London scene calling itself new wave, dark wave, electronic/post-punk, 'slightly gothy, synthy electronica'. On Saturday June 9th's Free Lab Radio we sample bands such as SOFT RIOT  / NOI KABAT / A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR and MILD PERIL plus Australia-based musician SHOEB AHMAD, electronics and guitar pop experimentalist soon to play his UK debut June 16th.

the new romantics in the 80s celebrated glamour; flamboyant clothes and hedonism, our Neo-Romos dress similarly but are not so reserved and so at odds with their clothes as the new romantics were. More at ease with themselves, they offer up darker, contemporary lyrics, with an even more effete style and better production.

So to celebrate the Underground Film Festival, the bands play live for Future Reigns with visuals from the equally stygian Underground Film Festival going on above them.

Mild Peril told us of their live performance:  "It's going to be a fairly improvised performance in the style of Tangerine Dream/Zombi/Steve Moore/John Carpenter type synthesizer music, that kind of thing."

In this scene the boys are prettier than the girls, they all smoke and nobody knows what these kids ultimately want because they beautifully express such moribund desires for things that are beyond life itself, even in the realm of science fiction, love and death.
Find out more about the event on June 10th and the subsequent Soft-Riot Euro-tour HERE.

Urban Turban - Cornershop's New Album 2012

The track here, 'Milkin' It' featuring In Light Of Aquarius from Cornershop's new album (released May 2012), is a critique of hip hop today. In itself it's a minimal crash, as adventurous in it's nudity as some tracks by MIA. The bass line says "Cornershop!" but the rest of it, really is an experiment for them. The guys don't seem to enjoy sticking to a genre, which for me is exciting and natural.
Stripping it bare when technology allows you to slap on more, is hot stuff right now. I keep going to parties where people are dancing around to a simple beat and some ambient noise, not much else. We're so overloaded, that we're reaching for the metronome so we can act out all the words and rhythms that  have built up in our heads during urban journeys? That's it! We're unwinding the urban turban a veritable beehive of sirens, advertising slogans, snippets of TV, radios and second hand I-pod noise and punctuated by bus brakes, alarms and drilling.
"Jiggy jiggy jiggy is all I hear; no rhyme, no style, no original beats."

Polish Experiments, Spaceship on Venus

Tonight, we sample Polish experimental audio from the 60s and 70s with a smattering of lively tunes designed to make you move and think at the same time. Fancy that. See the Polish-East German production (pictured) FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS (Der schweigende Stern)- 1960 in which recordings from the debris of the 1908 Tunguska meteor turn out to be a spaceship from Venus. To get to the drama, you have to jump the lengthy intro, itself debris from the once dominating male voice in literature where dry, lengthy descriptive introductions from the omnipresent narrator were the norm. Check the emperor Nehru character in the white hat, and the terrible dubbing.