Exit Festival Special - Podcast

Here we go with our look at what was on at the transglobal festival embedded in an ancient fortress on the banks of the river Danube, in Serbia's 2nd largest town Novi Sad. Exit Festival, check it out. We also hear from one of the festival organisers about Exit's unique NGO status.

We hear music from Bosnia, Romania, Chile, Cuba, Portugal and more....

Tonight's Free Lab Radio brings you two sets, a dance and experimental beats orientated set from Fari B, introducing a premier from a new EP by Tanya Auclair - Thrum (pictured) left.

Sounds from Chile, USA, UK, Germany and Croatia.

The second half of the show is Christopher Weaver's free long form electronica set, beginning with David Tudor's "Pulsers" 1976.

Exit Special and Chris Weaver Solo

Following on from our visit to Serbia, Free Lab Radio brings you a mix from the best artists that played the Exit festival 2010. We also hear from one of the organisers about the festival's unique NGO status and how it all started.

Christopher Weaver brings more solo sultronics to the airwaves, as he contemplates the empty space of Sunday morning after the arc of Fari B's dance orientated Sat night set.

Look out for Fari at the London Mela on 8th August 2010 in Gunnersbury Park where she is once again commissioned for a mela-special composition with tabla and VJ.

EXIT - Serbia! Plus a huge version of Variation For Room Tones and Speakers....

Fari B is leaving for a DJ set at Exit Festival, Serbia to play Iranian 1970s funk disco. We celebrate with a premidnight foray into ethno electro, a genre Fari regales in (and has probably pioneered - check it)


A bigger, better version of our broadcast after midnight on the first ever Free Lab Radio show - the rooms at Resonance104.4FM begin to resonate and give off the right frequencies to make your slipping into Sunday a harmonious and pleasant trip, as Oscillatorial Binnage reveal the sonic scale of each room live on air.