"I sing the desert electric"

Some real frantic desert electro

Sunday sights n sounds - "Eclipse/Blue" Video

The official music video for Nosaj Thing's "Eclipse/Blue," by Daito Manabe, takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO with support from The Creators Project.

"Eclipse/Blue," featuring vocals by Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino, is the first single off Nosaj Thing's latestg album Home (out 01/22/13).

Written by Jason Chung (Nosaj Thing BMI) & Kazu Makino (Kazu Makino Publishing BMI)
Mastered by David Ives at 101 Mastering
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2 Tickets Outta Here - Tonight's Show 11pm

Whether you can bid on these 2 sets of tickets we are literally giving away on our ResonanceFM on air acutiono this week or just enjoy the music from the comfort of your wing'ed armchair, tonight's show is set to transport you. The Secret Chiefs 3 meets headliners OM and Master Musicians of Bukkake, plus sonic youth guitarist at Alchemy at Zahar, set in the Dune of Zaha. "Special works, exclusive happenings, collaborations” AND! In contrast to the dry 6 hour ride into the Sahara from Marrakesh, we have the Electric Elephant Festival, which is set in its own bay on the shores of Croatia in a natural amphitheatre, replete with 5 nights of boat parties and outdoor clubbing culture in Garden Tisno 5mins from the picturesque historical town of Tisno itself. Expect baleriac, house, funk and more in this scenic adventure.

Fused Music from the Morroccon Desert

Alchemy, a new philanthropic festival in Saharan Morocco, April 2013, provide a playlist driven by their first performers, of desert-funk-rock for tonight's Free Lab Radio, including Om, Secret Chiefs, Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo and The Master Musicians of Bukkake.

This four day festival in the Morroccon desert kicks off in just a few weeks and is original in that the project encourages exclusive collaborations with musicians from the Saharan region.

Alchemy at Zahar is the baby of Basile Marrero, director, who has persuaded the Sonic Youth guitarist to perform a collaborative set of original and improvised work with Bachir Attar and then with players from The Master Musicians of Jajouka, a Saharan band.

Listen live on Saturday night, 11-midnight on 104.4FM or

Tonight's Free Lab Radio - Indidginus Mix

From a studio in Cape Town comes a one hour mix of Middle Eastern inspired dub-step and electronic world music.

While the genre definition of  world music has become such a turn off (hackneyed to death as it is by the wealthy consumers that run festivals of 'world music' and thereby tacitly implying that western music is not part of the world we live in) Indidginus gets the balance of soft and hard just right here.

Here's Indiginus's bio on his site:
"Indidginus blah blah blah ragga drum swagga blah blah  blah best music you ever heard blah BBC Radio 1 blah blah blah NME, MixMag, DJ Magazine blah boner soup blah blah blah top rankin blah blah one to watch blah blah nominated for Mercury Prize and 10 grammies blah blah. Blah."

Listen in on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere.

NME's Ten Most Pretentious Albums, Ever

What makes a pretentious album? A groan-inducing concept, lots of highfalutin' waffle, and a ridiculous cover. If you’re lucky you get all three at once. HERE are some of the worst offenders.

Tonight's Free Lab Radio Show - Bolly & Glitch Disco

Tonight we pay homage to the link between kooky Bolly wood disco and glitchy electro disco tunes, featuring two new tracks by Scanner, tracks with Bollywood steel guitar, and work by TEP, Dugong (following on from last week's show devoted only to women producing their own music) and several tracks to blow the bottom of your trousers right into the air ...

Tune in 11-midnight on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere//////

One of today's tracks :