Sun-Ra in the Sky- It's Christmas Time...

Written by Alton Abraham and Sun Ra. A doo-wop holiday tribute to Sun Ra, produced by Sun Ra on Saturn Records, 1960.

SpaceDelica - This Week's Free Lab Radio: DJ Umb

Sometimes, you have to look back, to see the future.

A little background to this mix, by previous Free Lab Radio guest DJ Umb. The mix, originally in two parts, was triggered by a cassette mix tape: "The cassette is important because in a way it liberated me."

With retro cassette culture on the rise and labels that regularly launch on cassette (see our recent cassette-label show) it's apt that DJs and producers like DJ Umb give credit to how much these small recordables influenced our formative years.

Generation Bass blog and label founder DJ Umb explains what's behind his SpaceDelica mix:
My much older cousin who was so into Hi-NRG dance culture, gave me a hot mixtape many years ago on cassette. It was the first mixtape I had ever heard, and it blew my mind musically. Several of the tracks that I have now incorporated in this mix were on that tape cassette. The mix recreates that same vibe for me, listening to it, making it, I have that same euphoric feeling at that time. The feeling has not diminished one bit which is a testament to the timelessness of these tracks and the powerful effect of music on our souls.  
 Broadcasts Saturday Dec 19th 11-midnight GMT, repeats Thursday 2am. Listen on 104.4FM across London on you tranny dial, otherwise online with this handy player.

This Week's Free Lab Radio Guest Mix - Time to psych.  Time to psych. The Dandelion Times is a radio experience guest hosted by Sinjin and Julius of UK band The Dandelion Set, for Free Lab Radio this week.            Mixing with "the un-selfconscious freedom of the 70's", a blend of Library music, prog-folk, Krautrock and electronica for 21st Century Beatniks.         Free Lab Radio broadcasts Saturday 11-midnight, repeats Thursday 2am.    Listen on 104.4FM across London or on the RadioPlayer online.
Catch Dandelion's own music here.

1.  Im Staub der Sterne OST- Part Tem 4 Part 2
2.  Peter Thomas -Rocking Computer (ext)
3. William Burroughs - Recalling All Active Agents (EXT)
4. The Pretty Things  - Scene One
5. The Residents  - Guylum Bardot (ext)
6. The Nice- Flower King of Flies
7. The Art Bears - The Bath Of Stars (Ext)
8. Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit (Ext)
9. Tim Perkins - Vienna Pig Race(ext)
10. Brainticket - A Place In The Sun (ext)
11. The Stepkids - Shadows on Behalf
12. Bertrand Burgulat - Aux Cyclades Electroniques
13. Broadcast - In Here The World Begins
14.The Dandelion Set- Cosmic Revariants