Saturday 25th we cock an ear at the u:ber cross-genre form that's been exploding dancefloors all over the world with such bravado. Strangely I came across this format while hunting Iranian dance music, so thanks to Monosurround.
We've a hard task ahead because the definition for contemporary Maximalist music is already out of date, but we'll sample a David A. Jaffe track, for sure:
Contemporary maximalist music, defined by composer David A. Jaffe "embraces heterogeneity and allows for complex systems of juxtapositions and collisions, in which all outside influences are viewed as potential raw material." Examples include might be Edgard Varèse, Charles Ives, and Frank Zappa.

Manic by Azari

Good for the mornings,,,,,,,although I wouldn't listen to them normally, too bland!

Manic by Azari

Vids Worth Watching

"I Keep saying 'Hold Tight'. I don't know what I'm waiting for, and when it comes I will want more.

Great videos rarely come with great songs. But this vid's so good, the song is more like an indie soundtrack.

Vicki Leekx Free Mixtape

Instructions To Improve Your Life: Sat 4th Feb

Turn the radio up.
Close the curtains.
Clear a space on the floor.

From squelch to grunge we'll try every sound under and above the sun.

This week we'll be playing Dubstep, Urban Surf, Moombahton...

11pm GMT on

Tweaky Sikhy - Ballet Stahl

This week's best discovery...

Ballet Stahl from Ranvir Bassi on Vimeo.

Plus a hedgehog's menu of other audio delights.